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The Staff of Life has a new Owner 

The Staff of Life shop has been a Shawano favorite for many decades. A must stop location for anyone in search of natural remedies, health food or christian gifts when you enter the Staff of Life you will have found it all. Join Jaime as she talks to the new owners and shows you what they have to offer.

Official Staff of Life website:


– Good afternoon and
welcome to Shawano News.

Your positive source in a crazy world.

I’m your host, Jamie Lee.

Today, we’re at the Staff of Life

health food store in downtown Shawano.

Let’s get healthy.

(spirited upbeat music)

I am now joined by the new
owners, Holly and Miranda.

Thank you for having us.

– Thank you for stopping.

– How long have you owned the store?

– We came into the store July 1st, 2021.

– And your name is Holly?

– Yes, I’m the mom.

– You’re the mom.

And you must be the daughter, Miranda.

– Yep. I’m Miranda.

I’m the daughter.

– And who’s the little doggy?

– This is mom’s little doggy, Dixie.

She’s our store mascot.

– I love it.

She’s our official door greeter.

– And so, if people have
never been to this store,

they can come in and
find all different things

for their health including,

what do we have behind us here?

– We have an enormous,
abundant amount of spices.

Just about everything you can find

or need for a recipe.

We have a lot of people that will bring

in a recipe and say, here, hook me up.

And we’ll go through all of our spices

and you can buy as little as a teaspoon

or up to a pound if you need to.

– So we use the spices for baking

but is it also like for remedies?

– Yeah. Some people do
use it for remedies.

There’s a lot of natural herbs

and spices that can be used
for medicinal purposes.

Things like Thyme and Oregano are good

for using as an antibiotic
and an antibacterial.

So they can be used for a
lot of different things.

– And if this is new to people,

you can help newcomers

by telling them maybe what would be good

for their ailment and

kind of teach ’em education in this,

this health food area.

– Yeah. We, we have learned a lot

since July and we continuously learning.

We learn a lot from our customers

and we try to know as much as we can

to make sure that people are

getting exactly what they’re needing.

– Well, let’s go check out some

of the vitamins and the other foods.

– Sure.

– Let’s go.

Since the pandemic, it’s really important

that we take responsibility
for our own health.

And one way we can do that is

by taking natural
supplements and vitamins.

And it looks like you guys have

every single vitamin available.

Tell me about your selection.

– Yeah. We try to have

as much as we possibly can.

All of our supplements

are manufactured in the USA.

We don’t get any supplement

or food product from overseas.

We keep it all local.

The one behind us is manufactured

right in Green Bay.

That one’s super local.

We carry all the Terry Naturally stuff

which is manufactured
in Green Bay as well.

– What would be your advice

for people that are trying to take

more of an active role in their health?

What can you, what can they do

to come here and be proactive?

– First, they need to see their doctor.

We’re not doctors,
obviously. See their doctor

and do their research. You know,

they can look online and

see what’s going to work for them.

And then they can come in.

We’ve got all kinds of resources here

and the knowledge that we’ve gained

from taking classes through our suppliers,

we will gladly help them with

anything they, they need.

– Take your vitamins, Shawano News!

(upbeat guitar music)

(upbeat guitar music continues)

Staff of Life also offers
many Christian gifts

for Baptisms, Confirmation,
any religious events.

So, come in and find the perfect gift.

Miranda, it sure smells good over here.

Tell me more about the essential oils.

– Yeah. We’ve got a
couple different brands

of essential oils.

They’re all 100% pure oils.

We have the Now brand.

We also carry Doterra.

We have the ear candles over here.

– Let’s talk about that.

– Yeah, those are handmade
by a woman in Bonduel.

Well, she’s an herbalist.

She hand wraps them all.

She uses local beeswax and

she grows most of the
herbs in her own garden.

– And if people aren’t familiar with this,

it’s kind of gross and weird,
but it’s also very cool.

You put this stick in your ear, light it

and then it kind of
sucks out your ear wax.

And then afterwards you look at it

and it’s really gross,
but it’s kind of cool.

– Yeah. And we have her
coming here once a month

and she does ear candling for people

and they’re always really
surprised what comes

out and we always have
really great results.

– Awesome.

Stay tuned for the dates on ear candling.

It’s been really fun to check out

the new owners at Staff of Life.

And Holly was sweet enough

to share her personal journey, the

last couple years and
how she got to the store.

Can you tell us about your cancer battle

the last couple years?

– I was teaching at a local school

and I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

And through that journey,

I had to make a decision and it either was

to spend time with my
family or to lesson plan.

So I made a very hard choice

and the store came up for sale

and my daughter and my daughter-in-law,

“Mom, the stores for
sale. The stores for sale.

Time to make a decision.”

So I made a decision and what better way

to get healthy than to surround yourself

with health food?

I have finished my treatments and

taken many supplements from the store

and I feel great.

The decision was a great one for me

as hard as it was, it
was a great decision.

– I’m really proud of you

for taking your health into your own hands

and healing with your
family and with the store.

So thank you so much.

We wish you the best of luck

with your store and with, with your life.

Really proud of you.

– Thank you.

– This is Jamie Lee signing
off for Shawano News.

Keep living and loving in the 54166.

(gentle instrumental music)


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