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The [new] Fully Stocked Wine and Bourbon Lounge 

Wine & Dine with Jaime Lee at the new Fully STOCKED wine and bourbon bar from the owners of The Stock Market in Downtown Shawano. Owners Chelsea “Stock” Gilling and Abigael “Stock” Wallrich give us a tour of the beautiful new Shawano Downtown destination. A beautiful and unique experience wrapped in elegance and style Fully Stocked will have to telling all your friends about your night out!

Visit for hours and location.



– Good evening and
welcome to Shawano News,

your positive source in a crazy world.

I’m your host, Jaime Lee.

Tonight, we’re at Shawano’s new wine

and liquor lounge FullyStocked, cheers.

(gentle music)

I have the pleasure of lounging

with the stock sisters,
themselves, Abby and Chelsea.

Congratulations on your new endeavor.

You’ve owned The Stock
Market for four years

and now you have FullyStocked.

Tell us, how did you come to this new idea

and what are you hoping for this place?

– So this was really a natural
little progression for us

with having The Stock Market

and having already then expanding

our wines and liquors there,

we thought this would be
something so fun for Shawano.

Abby and I, we love wine.

We love all different kinds of wine.

I’m a big bourbon drinker

and I appreciate all different
kinds of bourbon and scotch.

And so this really was
a fun, little addition

to The Stock Market and then
adding little small bites

and things of that nature.

– Abby, how would you describe this place

to people that have never
been in a wine lounge?

Tell us what is this all about?

– So really, you know, Chelsea
and I have always loved

like she said, good wine.

So we would travel to different
wine lounges in Wisconsin

and just hang out.

And I think that is really, you know,

the premise of what FullyStocked
wine and liquor lounge is.

It’s a lounge, it’s not a restaurant.

So we want you to come.

We want you to experience the
atmosphere and just chill.

Like you literally come in
here, fill up your glass of wine

or bourbon and hang out.

We have playing cards.

We have Mancala, we have cribbage boards.

So it really is the place to come

and have fun with friends
or significant others.

– And taste something-
– [Chelsea] As little

or as long as you would like.
– As you like.

– I love that concept.

And taste all different
wines from around the world.

From low end to higher end,
any kind of flavor in between.

It’s a perfect place to
try something different.

I know in Shawano, when new things come

maybe it’s a little intimidating
or scary, but it is fancy.

And we got some fancy clothes on here,

but anyone is welcome.

Bring your jeans and bring
your friends and family.

Tell us more about why
people should come here.

– So this really is
something that is very new

and very different for this area.

We knew that going into it, we really felt

that this was something that
would be super fun for Shawano.

So, just like you said, you know

you can come dressed up,
but you can also just come

in a pair of jeans and a cute top.

It really can be as, you know

informal or as formal as you would like.

It is the perfect little
addition to date night.

– Abby, you’ve had this
now for a couple months.

How has it been going?

– Well, it’s actually been a few weeks-

– Weeks?
– At this point.

So I think the thing that-

– [Chelsea] We’ve been working on it for-

– It feels like we’ve been
working on it for years honestly,

but the thing that really excites me

so with The Stock Market,
sweet wine has definitely been,

you know, the forefront of our wine sales

in the market, which is great.

We love all of you sweet wine drinkers,

but Chelsea and I definitely
love our good dry wines

from around the world.

And I think that is definitely

what has been the most exciting for us,

is seeing how many people
are coming in here wanting

to try, you know, more
drier sophisticated wines

than going right for the moscato.

So I think that is definitely
something that Chelsea and I

you know, and Macie have
really noticed since

we opened the doors is how many
awesome dry wines are flying

out of here, which-

– [Chelsea] I know we
are definitely shocked

and it is so fun and you know

this is really the perfect place, you know

as when we walk you through the systems

you can try a taste, a
half pour, a full pour

so that’s another thing too,

it makes it a little
bit less intimidating.

You’re not committing to that full glass

or even the half glass.

You could try it first, you know, try it

see if you like it or be
like, I’m not quite sure

if that’s really for me and
try something different.

– And definitely, you
know, with these systems,

so Chelsea and I are very familiar

with these Napa, you
know, technology systems.

The thing that we love about them,

like Chelsea was saying
is you can taste them.

So there might be a really
high end bottle of cabernet

out of Napa that, you know,
would retail for $300 a bottle.

You can come and, you
know, kind of splurge

for your night and do a
taste for very reasonable.

So you can still experience
these high end bourbons

and scotches like the Glenfiddich 21-Year,

where you probably wouldn’t buy a bottle

because you know, it’s like,
I don’t have the budget

for that right now, but you come in here

and you get to taste it and
be a part of the atmosphere.

It’s all part of the cool
experience of FullyStocked

– Right.
– I love

the passion you ladies
have for this place.

Thank you.
– Well, we love wine.

– You love wine. You love people.

You love Shawano.

– We do. We love Shawano.

– So thank you so much for
investing in our small town

and having this vision for the future.

Have an open mind, an open
heart and an open palette.

It’s time to start tasting and drinking

and eating, FullyStocked.

We are now speaking with
the lounge manager, Macie,

who’s gonna give us how to pour
some wine and some samples.

How do I do this?

– Okay, so our system
starts sweetest to driest.

I see that you’re already
eyeing up this crisp blonde.

It’s a beautiful rosé.

So the first LCV screen of each one

is like it’s little brain.

If you look at it, it’ll say
to pour wine hold card here,

to pour wine hold card here.

That’s just letting you
know, hey, if you wanna drink

out of here, you need
to hold your card here.

And that’s what’s gonna
activate the buttons underneath.

From there you’ll select
if you want a taste,

a half pour or a full pour,

but I personally do is I scan it out.

You know, I figure out what I’d like,

hold my glass under
whatever I’m gonna select,

already know what the ounces
I’d like, scan my card.

– So Macie, I would like to
try this peachy and citrus one.

Could you swipe my card and
I’ll have a little sample.

– So then once it says
amount due you’ll select.

– [Jaime] Ooh. Swirl it.


If wine is not your thing,

we have some premium liquors
to try as well as some cigars

for the ladies and gentlemen.

Can you tell us sisters,

what kind of selection do you have here?

– So definitely something,
you know, Chelsea

and I wanted to enhance on too,
was to create an environment

for the guys to come in here
while the ladies are shopping.

We had heard that time and time again

that the guys wish that
they could just come sit

and enjoy some good ass bourbon.

– Right.
– So we’re delivering that.

And what goes better
with scotch and bourbon

than an awesome cigar?
– Cigar.

– So that’s-
– [Jaime] I’ll try one.

I’m wanna try one.

– She’s ready.

So of course you cannot smoke inside,

but we have patio tables outside.

You can even bring your
food and your drink outside.

And of course-
– Partake in a little cigar.

– [Jaime] Ooh, we’re in the smoke is.

– Yeah, you can smell the oak.

– You can smell the cedar.
– Or cedar.

– [Jaime] I’m not a big cigar smoker.

So what would you recommend?

– It smells like a sauna.

– [Jaime] What would you recommend?

– [Abby] Definitely our top
seller has been the epic blue.

It’s a Montecristo, which I
would say is definitely one

of the higher end cigars on the market.

We have a lot of craft cigars,
we have beginner cigars.

– But now this is also
something that I did

because for newer cigar
smokers, I did include body.

So I’ll have mild, medium.
– Right.

– So the Montecristo is
a medium to full body.

So, you know, if you’re a
beginning cigar smoker finding one

that is, you know the medium to light.

– What if you’re a light body?

What should I-

– [Abby, Chelsea, Jaime] A light body,

a light body, a light body.

– [Abby] What about mild medium,

the Charter Oaks have the mild one.

– And look at that they have

the cute little FullyStocked match book.

I’m gonna go outside in the patio

and enjoy my first cigar news.

Shawano News, smoking.

This place is just so sexy.

It reminds me of a cabaret

and it’s always been my
dream to be a lounge singer.

So hit it boys.

(instrumental music begins)

♪ You’ve got to accentuate the positive, ♪

♪ Eliminate the negative ♪

♪ Latch on to the affirmative ♪

♪ And follow Shawano News today ♪

♪ You’ve got to spread joy ♪

♪ Up to the maximum. ♪

♪ Bring gloom down to the minimum ♪

♪ Have faith in your community ♪

♪ And follow Shawano News today. ♪

Sitting here with Shawano
News, family, Michelle

and we’re gonna have a charcuterie board.

How do you say that?

– Charcuterie.
– Charcuterie board!

And I think we’re gonna
have all different cheeses

and meats and crackers
and sauces and grapes.

– Cheers.

– Shawano News, family.

What a chill evening here at FullyStocked.

Thank you to the sisters for having us.

A reminder to visit the website
for hours and locations.

And remember that the
selection is always changing

for Shawano News.

This is Jaime Lee and
Chelsea and Abby signing off

for Shawano News.

Keep living and loving
in the 54166. Cheers.

(upbeat music)

Two, here we go.



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