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Shawano Pathways introduces Bike Repair Stations 

Have you ever found yourself out on a trail with a flat tire or an askew handlebar? Fear not! Shawano Pathways has your back they have installed the first of 3 repair stations at popular spots. The first repair station is located at the shelter on Lake Drive and Airport Road adjacent to Mielke Theater and Kelloggs Campground.


– Good afternoon and
welcome to Shawano News,

your positive source in a crazy world.

I’m your host Jaime Lee.

Today we’re at the Pathways bike trails.

Here to introduce the bike fix-it station

and upcoming trail rides. Let’s go.

(upbeat music)

(music continues)

I am currently talking with
Will Kort, a bike enthusiast

and board member for Pathways.

He is here to tell us more
about this new fix-it station,

located at Mielke Park, here
on the Wescott bike route.

So this is something new, Will.

This is somewhere where
people who are biking can come

and quick fix their bikes.

Can you show us first how
do you put your bike up here

to fix it?

– Sure. Well, it’s designed to be, uh,

to support the saddle.

If for some reason that doesn’t work

on your particular bike, you
can also use the top tube,

but be careful because sometimes there

are cables in this area.

So we’re gonna just use
the saddle here today

and that’ll support the
bike so you can work on it.

– Okay, So let’s say you’re taking

a bike ride with your family or yourself

and you notice your tires are low.

What can this station do to help you?

– Well, in that case you
don’t necessarily even have

to put it up on the, put
it up on the rack here.

Just use this pump and, uh, it’s got two.

It’s got the Presta
and the Schrader valve.

So it’ll work with any
type of tube that you have

and you can just fill it up.

There’s a nice gauge
here down at the bottom,

a nice large gauge

to tell you how much
pressure you’re putting in

and then the pump itself
is very well supported.

So, very simple.
– Cool.

– The only thing you have to be aware of

is that some of the,
some of the pump heads,

you have to lift to, um, connect

and some of them you have to put down.

So you just have to, it’s trial
and error as to which one.

This one you have to lift to
seal it to the valve stone.

– So kind of just play around with it.

Maybe another problem you would have is,

you notice some gears or
maybe a bolt is coming loose.

So I notice that there’s a
lot of tools attached here.

Can you just briefly
describe, you know, some of

the other things that
you could fix on a bike?

– Sure, well, we’ve got a
set of screwdrivers here

and these are useful
for adjusting shifting

and other things on the bike.

The hex keys are very useful

for adjusting cables stops,

and also, uh, brakes and grips,

and pretty much a lot of the
things on the handlebars,

some of the stems, et
cetera. So, very useful here.

Torques, these are on
some of the newer bikes.

So we’ve got you covered with those tools.

– So this is a really,
um, handy fix-it station

to have right here at Mielke Park.

Again, there’s picnic tables.
So if you wanna take a break,

maybe look at your bike,
make sure it’s running well.

Any other things you wanna tell us

about the station before we take a ride?

– Sure, we’ve got one of
the most common things,

of course, is going to
be repairing a flat tire.

So we’ve got some, a
couple of tire levers here,

and um, you can unhook your tire,

and work it around,

and take off the tire and
the tube, if you need to.

Pro tip, do not use these
tools to reinstall the tire.

It’s very difficult to use these tools

without pinching the tube.

So you’ll probably wreck the tube.

So just tough it out. Use your
hands to reinstall the tire.

– This is the first
station here in Shawano,

but there are plans for more.

Will, can you tell us
about the upcoming projects

and the other locations that you’re hoping

to bring these two?

– Yes, one another station and
pump are gonna be installed

at County Park and then
the town of Wescott

is installing one,
location to be determined.

And there will be another one

on the Mountain-Bay Trail
where it crosses Maple

in the town of Richmond.

And then there are plans for several more

along the Mountain-Bay Trail as well.

– So stay tuned for those.

If you are interested,
Pathways is always looking

for donations to make
these projects possible.

Another reason these are so awesome is

because there really isn’t
a bike shop in Shawano.

So thank you, Will, for
bringing this fix-it station

to help us.
– Sure, thank you.

– Visiting with Greg Sturm,
the Maps and Trail Coordinator.

He’s gonna tell us a little bit more

about this upcoming Wescott
ride. Thanks for joining us.

– You’re welcome.

– I have my bike here.
– Glad that you’re here.

– I know you said this
isn’t as cool as some

of the fancier bikes, but hey,
anyone can bike in Shawano.

So tell us some opportunities coming

up here that people
can enjoy the Pathways.

– Sure, the most recent
event coming up will be

the Wescott Ride, coming up in-

– May.
– May 21st.

– May 21st.
– Right here, it will start

at the Mielke Theater parking
lot at the pavilion here.

It will be our first ride of the season.

People can meet here at 10 o’clock.

Don’t need to sign up.

It’s free to everyone of all levels.

We will be taking a 7, a 9

or an 18 mile hike.

– Bike ride?
– Bike ride.

– Right. And is that around the lake?

Or can you tell us kind of
where that, that path goes?

– Sure, all rides start here.

And most of them migrate to
the west toward the Wolf river.

We’re right near the lake over

to our east here only about a block.

So we will migrate west and
go toward the Wolf river

and a few of the trails even
parallel the Wolf river.

So you get to see the Wolf
river for a little while

and then back out into some
real nice country roads

that are uninhabited with woods
and whatnot. It’s beautiful.

And then you end up over,
up against the lake again

for a while at the Shawano County Park,

where they will serve free ice cream

to those that attend and make it that far.

And then on the way back, you’ll be

along the lake for a little bit,

and work your way back
through the different trails,

coming back to here to end the ride.

– Well, that sounds like so much fun.

And like we know if
you’re here from Shawano,

there is so much beauty surrounding us.

We have the river and the lake
and the trails and the trees.

So enjoy, um, all that
Shawano has to offer.

Again, the trail rides coming up,

for more information visit
the site

– Correct.
– The description will also be

in this post. So make sure
to share that and bring,

like you said, family and friends,

all levels, any bikes are welcome.

– Any bikes, even pink ones.

– (laughs) Thanks, Greg.

(upbeat music)

What a beautiful day. It is
finally spring in Shawano,

a perfect time to be healthy,

and enjoy all the Shawano
Pathways. Until next time,

this is Jamie Lee, signing
off for Shawano News.

Keep Livin’ and Lovin’ in the 54166.

(upbeat music)


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