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Thursdays at Franklin with Jaime Lee and Shawano News 

Join Jaime for the Thursday of a lifetime, or at least a Thursday-time…. Every week in the Summer months right in Downtown Shawano Franklin Park is host to their concert series Thurzdays at Franklin. Bands from all over Northeastern Wisconsin show up in Shawano to play from 6PM to 8:30 for Shawano residents. Other attractions include Food Trucks, Non Profit Raffles and drink vendors. Adjacent to Shawano’s historic Downtown businesses Thurzdays at Franklin is a must-see in the 54166



– Good evening and
welcome to Shawano News,

your positive source in a crazy world.

I’m your host, Jaime Lee.

It’s officially summer in Shawano.

And that means it’s time
for Thursdays at Franklin.

Pull up your lawn chair,
get out your coolers

and put your hands together for
tonight’s band Shotgun Jane.

(crowd cheers)
Let’s rock Shawano.

(upbeat music)

I am now joined by Shawano Rec Department

activities director, Dana Krause,

to let us know all about
this beautiful park,

(Dana laughs)
Franklin park.

Tell us who benefits from
Thursdays at Franklin?

– Actually, we have a lot of nonprofits

that join us each week.

We wanna give back to
the community, as well.

Sam 25 joins us, Shawano Pathways.

We just have a lot of groups
that we like to support

and have the community support them.

So we have food and soda,
everything available.

So please come down and
support our nonprofits.

– So a lot of fun for a good cause.

– Yes, it gives back to the community

along with family fun.

– And it wouldn’t be possible
without your major sponsors.

Can you tell us just a little bit,

they’re all on this sign,

but how can people sponsor
and help out this cause?

– They can contact me.

Anytime that anyone wants to be a sponsor,

we really appreciate that.

This program would not be possible

without our local businesses.

And we appreciate them very, very much.

– Well thanks for all you do, Dana.

Rock on.
– Yes, thank you.

Thanks for being here.

(lively band music)

♪ You want to judge me ♪

♪ By the whiskey on my breath ♪

♪ You think you know me ♪

♪ But you aint seen nothing yet ♪

– Franklin Park is such a perfect location

to have events concerts,
school gatherings,

and of course music.

So get out your lawn chairs, come down.

It starts at six o’clock till 20:30,

every Thursday this summer.

Also come with a empty belly,

’cause there’s plenty of food

which we’ll try later and
drinks, or you know what?

Bring your own cooler.

Bring the kids.

There’s a water fountain.

This place is gonna be rocking in no time.

– [All] Thursdays at Franklin!

– Thank you, high five!

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music continues)

(upbeat music continues)

(upbeat music continues)

– I am here with one of
the listeners, Deborah,

who lives down the street
from Franklin Park.

Does it ever get too loud
at night with the music

or don’t you mind?

– Never, I don’t mind it at all.

I love this.

I think it’s awesome that Shawano does it.

– And what’s your favorite part about it?

– The sunshine.

This is everything.

The music, we couldn’t
ask for anything better.

– Well, it’s so good to meet
new Shawanonites and neighbors.

One of the most yummy parts
about Thursday at Franklin

is the food trucks and the nonprofits

having so many treats and snacks.

Tonight, I’d like to get cheese curds

and a Sundrop please.
(cash register rings)

– [Food Truck Operator]
All right, thank you.

– I love this city, right downtown.

Look at this beautiful park,

used to be the site of
the old Franklin school.

And now we have people
and more generations

enjoying it for years to come.

What a fun evening at
Thursdays at Franklin.

Come down, enjoy with your friends

and Shawano News family.

This is Jaime Lee and Michelle
signing off for Shawano News.

Keep living and loving in the 54166.

(women laughing)

(soft music)


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