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Kassidys Studio Lounge in Shawano 

This week Jaime visits the new owners of the Studio Lounge West of Shawano. We ate, drank and talked to some very happy patrons. Jaime prepares a treat at the end.


– Happy Valentine’s Day from Shawano News,

your positive source in a crazy world.

I’m your host, Jaime Lee.

Tonight, we’re back with
the supper club series,

visiting Kassidy’s
Studio Lounge and Dining.

Let’s go in for some great
food and a couple of cocktails.

(upbeat music)

I am with some regulars here

that love to come to the Studio Lounge.

Tell us, why do you love
coming to this place so much?

– Cause it’s so much like Cheers.

It’s something I’ve always looked for.

♪ Where everybody knows your name ♪

– And you said the bartenders
in Kassidy are so friendly.

– Yes, Kassidy is great.

And Andrea is our favorite.

She is awesome.

– And I heard you brought some
newbies here, the first time.

– Oh, the first time I was
here was thoughts by Jeff.

– Thoughts by Jeff.

I think you’re gonna have
dinner and we’ll catch you after

and you can tell us how you liked it.

– Okay, perfect.

– Our tradition here in Wisconsin

is we let the kids belly up to the bar

and have some kiddie cocktails.

What’s your name, sweetheart?

– Anna.

– I’m Jonathan.

– Jonathan.

Do you like coming to Studio Lounge?

– Yes.

– What’s your favorite thing to eat here?

– The salad bar.

– Salad bar.

And do you like kiddie cocktails?

– Yes.

– Well you guys are so
sweet, and only in Wisconsin.

I have the pleasure of speaking

with the beautiful owner, Kassidy.

Thank you for agreeing
to do this, Kassidy.

– Oh my god, of course.

Thank you, thank you for having me.

– How long have you been
in the restaurant business?

– Um, well, I started
bartending when I was 17.

I was in high school still,
so yeah, I mean, 12, 13 years.

– And how did you find this
opportunity to buy the Studio?

– I started here and they
were like, Kass, you know,

this is your, this is what you
do, it’s in your upbringing.

They were like, do you wanna continue on?

And so I was like, sure, yeah.

And then it kinda presented itself.

And I took it.

– And that was right kinda when
the COVID stuff hit, right?

– Yes, yes, yes.

– So was that pretty hard?

How did you get through that?

– You know what?

It was actually a blessing,

because it gave us time to learn.

It gave us time to grow.

And like, you know, find out
what the hell we were doing.


– And you did find out what you were doing

because this place is jam packed.

It seems like the business is booming.

And I know a lot of that

is because of your sweet
smile and kindness.

I’m hearing rave reviews about,
you know everybody by name,

you welcome everybody and you’re so kind.

So tell me, what is some of the things

that you’re known for here,

some of the food, some of the drinks?

– Okay, so obviously our old fashioned.

It’s like the biggest drink in Wisconsin.

We can make a mean grasshopper
and it looks pretty.

– Will you teach me later?

– Of course, definitely.

And then, my husband
makes a mean tenderloin.

Ask anyone in here.

– And isn’t he in the kitchen right now?

– Yes, he’s cooking up
the steaks right now.

– Oh, that’s so awesome.

Well, as you can see, this
is a true living doll.

Kind, beautiful on the inside and out.

Make sure you stop by
Studio Dining anytime.

– Thank you.

– As you can see, the
dining room is packed.

It’s so good to see so much business

and so many people enjoying
this local establishment.

One thing that’s back on
the menu, the salad bar.

We have everything here from
the bread and the salads,

and the fruit and the
vegetables and the soup.

I could make a whole meal
out of the salad bar.

Come to the Studio.

Stu, stu, studio.

The Studio Lounge surely
is a family affair.

Now I’m with hubby back in the kitchen.

I heard that you’re the cook here.

Tell me about your duties.

– I sure am.

I have to come up with the specials.

Kass helps me out with those a lot.

You know, sitting at
home, she makes dinners

and I bring it here.

So yeah, we give most
of the credit to Kass.


– How does it feel to work
with your wife all the time?

– Oh, it’s fun, it’s great.

I love it.

– That’s sweet.

And you have your brother
working for you, who’s this?

– Yeah, my brother helps me.

This is my brother, Joey.

– I’m Joseph, yeah.

– He’s my right hand man.

– Any more family working here?

– Oh, my mom’s usually here, or my sister.

Normally our kids are running
around too, but not today.

It’s Friday, so we’re
keeping them at home.

– So definitely, support local.

Support this family that’s
trying to do good by Shawano.

Thanks guys.

– Thank you.
– Thank you.

– My favorite part of the episode.

It’s time to eat.

I have ordered the famous
tenderloin, stuffed shrimp.

I have a baked potato with
sour cream and butter.

And the meal won’t be complete

without Kassidy’s Old Fashioned.

Yum, yum.

I just finished a wonderful meal,

and now it’s time for
the famous grasshopper.

Tell me, how do we make grasshoppers?

– Okay, so these are obviously delicious.

They’re supposed to settle
your stomach after supper.

So, first we’re gonna add a
little bit of creme de mint.

– In here?

– Yes, right in there.

– Tell me when.

– Keep going, baby, keep going.

– Double trouble, two
blondes behind the bar.

– Okay, there you go.

You’re good.

And then, how about a little bit of this?

Just kind of lace the ice cream.


– Good?

– Beautiful.


So I’m gonna throw this
on the blender, quick,

and then while I’m doing that,

just kinda like lace the glass

with a little bit of chocolate,

make it look a little pretty, all right?

– Who said I couldn’t cook?

– Chocolate, chocolate!

– Chocolate first.

I’m lacing it around the edge?

– In the inside.

– Okay, I’ll call someone
to help me, please.

(drinks blending)

I’ll have a new job,
bartender at the Studio.

Maybe I can get a job here.

And some.

– Wait, no.

– Okay, we’ll wait, we’ll wait.


– Right?

– Time lapse?

– Right?

– We have the grasshopper

and I just pour it right in here?

– Yeah.

– Nice and full.

– Yeah, there you go.

– This green matches your beautiful dress.

– Yeah.

– I wish I were fashionable.

I think people love to come to
see your little cute fashion.

– Well, good.

All right.

– Okay.

– And then, a little bit of whipped cream.

– Whipped cream.

– Yes.

– See they’re so cute.

– Yeah, and then top those babies up.

– This is so fun!

– They’re gorgeous!

– Yay!

– They’re beautiful.

– Let’s do a little cheers.

– Cheers.

– This is Jaime Lee and Kass,

signing off for Shawano News.

Keep living and loving in the 54166.


– Thank you.

(upbeat music)


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