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Shawano News is out ON THE LAKE 

Join Jaime Lee on Shawano Lake as we tour the various waterways of Shawano including the Shawano Sandbar, the Shawano Channel and stop at the Lighthouse Pub to relax and Rock out with Rocker. You never know who you will find on the Sandbar on a Sunday Afternoon.


(upbeat pop music)

– Good afternoon and
welcome to Shawano News,

your positive source in the crazy world.

I’m your host Jamie Lee.

Today, we’re at the waterways of Shawano

with our sponsor this week,

Executive Auto Sales

and Kurt Leffler on this fast boat.

Let’s rock Shawano.

Oh my goodness, it is
such a beautiful day.

It is 85 degrees and we are
on the Shawano news boat

going out from the river to
the lake via the channel.

Right now we’re going past
the famous monkey island.

And it’s so cool because
you just go slow here

and you chill out.

Enjoy the beautiful day,
join us on the lake.

Now we’re passing Huckleberry Harbor,

where we have both slips
and a docking system

where you can come
right close to downtown.

Maybe do some shopping.

Come for dinner,

Huckleberry Harbor.

We are about to go under
the old airport road bridge.

And by next summer,
this is gonna be lifted

and we’re not gonna have
to duck our heads anymore.

Positive growth on the waterways, Shawano.

Duck your heads.


– We’re getting to our own version

of lake Havasu right here
in the Midwest, Shawano.

Look at the sandbar today.

It is located right off the
airport over here, the runway

and people come in and
dock their boats safely.

I hear a fast boat in the background

pull right up right to the sand, sandbar.

(bright music playing)

– So you typically do at the sandbar is

park your boat and then anchor it.

And then you walk around

and you just meet people,
old friends, new friends

maybe put your chair in the water,

maybe get a floaty put some tunes on.

Another fun thing to do on the sandbar

is play some sports.

I’m here with Phil from Appleton.

Can you teach me?

What is this game?

– Yeah, so it’s called beers bee.

So essentially what we
have is a little makeshift

cut up Lipton tea bottles

and you throw the Frisbee
and you try and knock it off.

If you hit this and everything
falls into the water,

it’s three points.

If they catch the Frisbee
and just the bottle falls in

it’s two.

And if they drop the Frisbee

and don’t hit the pole, it’s one.

And you play to 21.

– Sounds kind of fun.

Some healthy competition.

Phil, you said you’re from Appleton.

Why do you come all the way
to Shawano to the sandbar?

What do you love about it?

– We’ve been coming here
for 25 years as a family.

My aunt is from Shawano.

They have a cabin across the lake.

So our family’s been
renting third week of July

for 25 years, so.

– I love that, a family tradition.

Yeah. Well, I’m gonna try this beers bee

Let’s see here.

I love sport Shawano News.

(anchor shrieking)

Oops. Shawano News.

– God damn.

– And what’s your name?

What’s your name?
– Kyle, and what’s your name?

– Vienna.

– Do you, do you like the, the sandbar?

– Yeah. I love it.

– Awesome.

– Thank you guys.

Look what I cut out here.

It’s the hot boat party

today right here at the sand bar.

All these really fast, crazy
looking boats are out here.

I think I might have to hop on one.

See if I can find my

sponsor Kurt for a ride.

What kind of boat is this?

– This is a Triad.

– Triad. It’s like, kind of
looks like an eliminator.

Remember all those
eliminator boats in Shawano.

– Those are cool boats too.

I like those, yeah.

– Well, what year is this?

– This is a ’95

– ’95. Good year. Shawano News.

(boat motor running)

(bright music playing)

– I am here with two golden girls.

The beautiful youth of Shawano.

What’s your names?

– Aubrey.

– Sydney.

– And you guys paddled
out here on these kayaks?

– Yeah, we did.

It was kind of an arm workout, honestly.

– Well, you guys are so beautiful.

Keep living and loving in the 54166.

Shawano youth at it’s finest.

Golden girls.

– Oh my gosh.

That boat was so fast

and after a long afternoon
of walking around the sandbar

one my favorite thing to
do is come back on the boat

and chill out with my Sun Drop

and the infamous, boat sammys,

by Shawano news friend,

Jess Lynn.

Both sammys.

– Did I hear that you guys
fell in love to rocker?

– [Both] Yes.

– 1978.

We got married 1983.

– What’s your names?

– Mark and Pam Williamson.

– This is a Rocker Shawano love story.

– Well, we’ve been married

– [Both] 39 years.

– Congratulations. Rock-on, thank you.

– Good evening and
welcome to Shawano News,

your positive stories in a crazy world.

I’m your host Jamie Lee

we had a wonderful day on the lake,

and now we’re here at the lighthouse,

so rock it on!

This is Jamie Lee signing
off for Shawano News

reminding you to keep
taking care of business

and keep living and loving in the 54166.

(rock music playing)

(Jamie singing)

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