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The Fresh Project at the Shawano Saturday Farmers Market 

GET FRESH with Jaime Lee at the Shawano Farmers Market… Find your perfect veggie or drink on Saturday mornings at Franklin Park in Downtown Shawano. The Fresh Project aims to create new ways to get fresh produce in the hands of Shawano County residents through education and exclusive access. The Shawano Farmers Market is a perfect partner as they already have vendors from around Northeast Wisconsin ever single Saturday!

The Farmers Market operated Mid June through October 1st 8:00 am-Noon at Franklin Park

@The FRESH Project
for more local produce programs


– Good morning and
welcome to Shawano News,

your positive source in a crazy world,

I’m your host, Jaime Lee,

today we’re at the Shawano Farmers Market

located at Franklin Park, come
along and let’s get fresh.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music continues)

I am currently with the executive director

of The FRESH Project, Barb Mendoza

here at the farmer’s market today.

Thank you for joining us and having us,

can you tell us what are
some of the big roles

of your organization
besides the farmer’s market?

– So we have several programs
through the farmer’s market,

we also do our mobile markets

where we go out to the food desert areas

and we set up a market there
for, you know, seniors,

low income families, or
anybody that wants to come

to buy produce,

where they wouldn’t
normally be able to get it.

And we get all of our produce
from our rural farmers

and I think it’s very
important that we do that

and that we partner with our rural farmers

because it shows the community

that where their food is coming from,

it doesn’t necessarily
come from a grocery store,

it actually comes locally.

– And you’re able to
get these fresh boxes,

your physical location is at
the first Presbyterian church

here in Shawano, how can
people get ahold of you

and get some of these
services for their families?

– So what they need to do,

you’re talking about
the community supported

agriculture boxes, people
need to sign up between March

and the end of April and or
May and what they can do,

they’re guaranteed the fresh produce boxes

and then when we go to our mobile markets

that’s where the people
can pick their boxes up

within that location.

– So it’s for people
all over our community,

you have elderly, you
have different income

and you’re also working
with children in schools

to educate them on fresh produce,

tell us more about your Hillcrest project.

– So we partnered with the Hillcrest,

we partnered with the
Hillcrest Community School

and what we do is that we
bring in seeds, you know,

we teach ’em about the seed,
the importance of the seed

and the soil and the water and the sun

and then they’ll start growing it

and we’ll bring ’em out
to the garden, they plant,

they have to do the work
too, they have to harvest

and they have to weed and
water, so it’s a lot of fun,

and they, you know…

We have a big strawberry pile,

so it’s fun to reward them that

’cause right now they’re
going into the strawberries

and eating them but they’re learning a lot

about where their produce is coming from

and also the differences
between fruits and vegetables,

so they’re really surprised when they hear

that a cucumber’s actually a fruit, yeah.

– Well that’s really cute,

thank you for bringing fresh produce,

healthy ways to our community,

if you’d like to donate,
please visit the Facebook page


There’s so much going on,
we’re gonna poke around here,

the farmer’s market, but
for more information,

make sure you check out
Barb and The FRESH Project,

thank you.

– Thank you.

– Come on, you know, I love fashion,

I’m here at Wally G Beads,

husband and wife team who are so talented,

they make this jewelry by hand,

beads from all over the world,

I think I’m gonna get a
pair for my next episode.

One of the main objectives
to the farmer’s market

is obviously to come
and pick out fresh food

for your family,

looks like a yummy salad in the making.

Join me and other local
yoga teachers every Saturday

in July for free yoga, 8PM
here, underneath the grandstand


(cheerful mellow music)

(upbeat music)

– Fruits, vegetables, and house plants.

We’re here with some locals
who love coming to the market,

what’s your name?

– My name’s Amber.
– Are you from Shawona?

– Yes I am.

– And do you come to the
farmer’s market a lot?

– Almost every week.

– What are you looking
for? What do you find?

– Kettle corn is definitely my favorite,

the coffee was a bonus today

but otherwise love to get
flowers and vegetables.

– And for people out of town

would you suggest coming to
this? Why should they come here?

– Oh, most definitely, I just
think the variety of products

that are here in a lot
of the local vendors.

– Well community, enjoying Franklin park.

One of the best parts
about the farmer’s market,

is the food, I’m here with
Bernadi’s Indian tacos,

tell me what’s your secret
recipe? What do y’all got here?

– Homemade fried bread, I
make my own fried bread.

I do the taco fixing,
throw it on a fried bread

and you cover with salsa and
hot sauce, whatever you want.

– Make sure to come down
to the farmer’s market

every Saturday eight till noon

until the beginning of October.

So many talented people, so
many fresh, exciting ideas

and food and produce, got my kettle corn.

This is Jamie Lee signing
off for Shawano news,

keep livin’ and lovin’ in the 54166.

(upbeat music)


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