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A Brand New Place to Live in Shawano 

Join Jaime as she tours the very first town-homes to become available East of the City in the Shawano Industrial Park. S.C. Swiderski has built residential housing all over Wisconsin and now they have chosen Shawano for their largest development to date called SCS Shawano. Come along and check it out.


– Good afternoon and
welcome to Shawano News,

your positive source in a crazy world.

I’m your host, Jaime Lee.

Today, we’re at SCS Properties of Shawano.

Let’s move in!

(upbeat music)

One of the perks of S.C.S Properties

is that we have an
on-site property manager

in this little building.

Can you tell us some of your
responsibilities and your name?

– My name is Erin Jacyna, brand new here

at S.C.S Swiderski on
the Shawano location.

My day-to-day operations would be leasing,

you know, greeting folks.

They walk in, they come
in and many opportunities.

They’ll walk in, they’ll send me an email.

I get the privilege of showing
the brand new apartments.

This is super exciting.

This is gonna be a community
within a community,

200 units opening up.

– And it’s always nice
to see a smiling face

and beautiful blonde hair.

So, when people have questions

about maintenance or deliveries,

they can always come to you.

So, it’s really nice to
have a core person here

all the time.

– Absolutely.

And anything they want,
we’re here to help.

We’re here to make their life easy.

– What would you say to people
that are looking to rent

and purchasing something new in this area?

What would you say about
this area to bring them in?

– Bring ’em in?

Shawano County, all of the
lakes that are available,

all the summer activities,
winter activities.

We have a whole fishing village

that’s opened up on the lake,

if you haven’t seen that yet.

– And who can forget the fair?

That’s where we met.

She’s a second time
Shawano News guest again.

At the fair, we did some singing.

– We did some singing and dancing.

– Shawano News.

I have the pleasure of speaking with Sam,

the marketing director for S.C.S
properties here in Shawano.

Sam, tell us, what is your role

in getting the word out
about these properties?

– Yeah, absolutely.

So my role in that is connecting
with local businesses.

So S.C.Swiderski takes
pride in giving back

to the communities that we serve.

So partnering with different
local businesses, hospitals,

schools, getting, really
connecting with our HR managers

to spread the word of our
multi-generational community

here at, in Shawano.

– And that’s how we met with Shawano News.

We thought this is a perfect story,

because a lot of people
see all these buildings

coming up on county here in town,

and wondering what is going
on with all these buildings.

So it’s really wonderful

because there is a shortage of housing

in Shawano and the area.

So we are so grateful.

Tell me how many units you have

and what is the future of this community?

– Yeah, absolutely.

So there’s 200 total units
here in S.C.S Shawano,

like I mentioned before,

it’s a multi-generational community.

So whether it’s empty
nesters, young professionals,

people entering directly
into the workforce,

we truly have an apartment
home here for every person.

So single level living, uppers, lowers,

town home style apartments,

there’s so many different floor plans

for them to choose from here.

The future of S.C.S
Shawano is super exciting.

It is actually the company’s
biggest project to date.

So we have an entire team

that has worked super hard on this.

Woo, but has worked super hard
on this for numerous years.

Three, four years.

And they’re so excited to see it actually

be opening and celebrating
our grand opening soon.

– Well, congratulations.

And what else is so unique

is that it is a perfect
location here in town.

It’s in the industrial park

for people that work next
to the big factories here.

It’s near the schools.

It’s near, you know, Green Bay street

and all the stores down there.

So it’s really a perfect location.

And to get to the highway.

– Yes, you can see it
right from the highway.

So we get lots of compliments on that.

They’re like, oh my goodness,

I see the S.C.S wrapping,
what’s going on there?

So we’ve been able to provide

and get people into the door that way.

– And speaking of fashion and red hair,

there’s a lot of different colors

that are going on in these buildings.

There’s red buildings.

What other colors are coming?

– Yes, so we have gray
and green is coming,

and a gray and a tan colored building.

So that’s another thing that S.C.Swiderski

prides ourselves in is very,
very fun colors on our sites.

So they don’t look the same.

– Well, you know, what’s fun?

Let’s go take some tours and
see the inside of these places.

– Yes.

– Let’s go.

(upbeat music)

– This is HGTV Shawano style,

having some fun doing some house tours.

So this is a three bedroom unit.

– Yes. This is our legacy floor plan

in the Bedford building.

So it’s one level living.

Everything is on one level, no stairs,

no neighbors above you or below you.

Just next to you.

– You have a dance party in here.

– You could, yes.

– Let’s check out the bedrooms.

– Yes, so this is the primary bedroom.

– Nice size, attached bathroom.

This is very modern living
for Shawano, everything,

wouldn’t it be nice to move in

and everything is clean.

You’re the first people to live in here.

What an opportunity.

Sam, can you tell us

about how inclusive the
package is for renting?

– Yes, absolutely.

S.C.S. Shawano is very inclusive.

We include heat, water, cable TV,

and high speed internet
here at S.C.S. Shawano.

So it’s really a one-stop shop
for all your living needs.

– And nowadays everyone needs a mudroom

leading right into the garage

where you can park your
Shawano News minicar.

(car horn honking)

(upbeat music)

Look who we ran into.
Bert, the site supervisor.

Tell us what’s the big
projects going on right now,

around here?

– This whole Shawano
project’s a big project.

– Well, thank you for all your hard work.

Shawano strong!

– You got it.

– As you can see,

many of the buildings are
still in construction,

but this is good news

because you still have time
to get a piece of this.

How do people put their name in

to rent one of these properties, Sam?

– Absolutely, so you can either
stop by S.C.S. Shawano here,

at 1090 Engel Drive and talk to Erin

or you can visit us at

or on our Facebook page.

– We wanna say thank you to S.C.Swiderski

for investing in Shawano,

for seeing the growth here
and growing our economy.

So thank you for investing in this area.

It’s been a couple of hard
years for a lot of people.

And Shawano News,

we just want to highlight
the wonderful things

going on around here.

And one of those blessings

is to have shelter over your head.

So this is Jaime Lee signing
off for Shawano News.

Keep living and loving in the 54166.

(upbeat music)


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