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Jaime Lee and Shawano News get PRIMAL at Primal Eats 

Join Jaime Lee for a nigh of great food and great people at Primal Eats. Primal Eats is one of Shawano County’s newest Food and Drink destinations. Technically in Underhill, WI Primal Eats serves Brisket, Venison and Beef dishes along with signature Mac N Cheese. With the natural ambiance of their location coupled with their great customer service this is a Shawano News Must Stop 54166 Location!

for more information and menu options check out


– Good evening and

welcome to Shawano News,

your positive source in a crazy world.

I’m your host, Jaime Lee.

Tonight we’re at Primal Eats.

Hope you’re hungry.

(upbeat pop music)

It’s a beautiful evening here in August.

You can come take a seat
on these picnic tables,

do it family style.

They have the deer from out
there, fire pits, lawn chairs,

there’s live music every weekend.

So we’re gonna do a little dancing.

The nice thing too,
regardless of the weather,

they have this new built-in covered patio

that fits people no matter the weather.

So take a seat anywhere.

I think we’re gonna mosey on around

and maybe try to find Bigfoot, stay tuned.

(upbeat pop music)

If you’ve seen Primal Eats
before then you’ve seen David.

He’s the man of all trades,
marketing, operations, research.

David, thanks for having us here.

Tell us some of the big key highlights

that we should see when we come here.

– Well, if you didn’t notice
the signs on the way here,

then you weren’t paying
very good attention.

But I’ll tell you what,
right when you pull up,

you’re gonna see our Primal Eats

right across the front
of the building here.

The white tent that used
to be there is now gone.

– Where are we located?

– We’re on County Road, VV,

just outside of Gillette, Wisconsin.

– Got it.
– It’s actually Underhill,

but it’s a Gillette zip code, so.

– Okay.

And so we have food, but we have music,

and you have catering now?

– We have catering.

We’ve actually kinda done
catering from the beginning,

but we’re really starting to advertise it,

kinda fine tune our services there.

And we have so much more to offer.

It’s simple, it’s barbecue.

It’s something that you can call in.

You have a quick party and
all of a sudden you need

to have 30 pounds for, you
know, a bunch of guests,

well, we can be right there
and show up and drop that off.

– So Primal Eats anywhere,

but come here for the full experience.

Let’s stop talking and let’s start eating.

– Let’s start eating, let’s
go check out the kitchen.

– Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it.

We’re gonna get some barbecue

– Let’s get some meat.

Come on!

Here she comes, what is this?

– This is a smoked prime beef brisket.

We cook it for 14 hours in
our rotisserie smokehouse.

Once it gets to our temperatures,

we wrap it in double
layers of butcher paper.

And just wait until it comes out here.

You can see we’re already got it.

– The reveal.

– The reveal is coming,
guys, check this out.

– Ta-da, wow!

– Look at that right there.

That is beautiful.

That is absolutely beautiful right there.

What do you think?

– I think it looks
crusty, I wanna eat some.

– Oh, it’s so good.

Let’s get it onto this for now,

‘cuz I need six pounds from an order.

– Wow.

– So first and foremost,
we have our two sides here.

We got our little, nip it right there.

We kinda use that for chopped up brisket,

but for this order, it’ll be burnt ends.

So we’ll put those in
there as some burnt ends.

So first off, we’ll kinda get
so you guys can see it here,

I’m gonna start running some slices.

So we’ll move that out there.

– It looks like it just
melts in your mouth.

– Oh yeah.

Just let me get to the good part here.

So as I keep slicing, I’m
gonna start getting closer

to the point where all the juicy stuff is.

So I dunno if your camera guy
wants to get on that, but.

Look at that right there.
– Look at this.

– [David] Absolutely beautiful

– Juicy.

– So we’ll do some more slices there.

Just the absolute perfect piece.

Look at that right there.

They call that the pull,

that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t fall apart,
but it’s still juicy.

You wanna try a piece?

– I love it, let’s do it.


– I’m gonna let you do it.


– The proof is in the
pudding as they say, but,

here it’s the brisket.

– It is so good, it’s like candy!

– So we gotta keep going here

because we gotta get this
order out for these folks.

Hospitality is key to what we do here,

so making sure our orders get out on time

and show up on time.

So we’re about there.

Now we’re gonna switch it up.

Now this gets to one of
my favorite parts here.

This is the burnt end.

Do you wanna try another little piece?

– Yes!

– Try that one right there.

That’s the burnt ends right there.

Smokey, crispy.

And then we’re gonna do a bunch

of cubes right off the top here.

We’ll pick those up.

– I can hardly speak.

And this is not like me.

This is good.
(David laughing)

– We got you silenced. (laughs)

– Only at Primal Eats.

– Little bit of that fat outta there.

We don’t wanna do that, but
these morsels right here.

If you thought any of those
other pieces were good, this is.

You wanna try another one?

– [Jaime] Yeah, yeah.

– That’s really, really hot,

so we’re gonna let that
chill for just a second.

Let’s keep getting these in here.

So burnt end slices.

We’re just about there.

We bring that off the top.

– [Jaime] How many does this serve?

– Six pounds of brisket,

you can probably feed
anywhere from 15 to 20 people,

depending on how big a eaters they are.

We suggest a half pound per person,

and by those standards
you’re gonna have leftovers.

And the thing is what we’ve
heard time and time again

is that if you’re gonna
have leftovers of anything,

you want leftovers of this stuff.

Yeah, absolutely.

– Well, I feel really cool to have

this backstage pass to this master meat.

– We’re gonna get some more burnt ends,

nice little cubes of goodness right there.

And we’re just about there,
a couple more slices.

– Is this your most famous
dish, is the brisket?

– Brisket is the star of the show.

– Okay, besides brisket, what else we got?

– Well on this order is
gonna be the pulled pork.

Pulled pork is another
one of our mainstays here.

So let’s, just about there.

– Let’s do that.

And that’s mine, right?

That’s just my supper. (laughs)

– You guys gonna take this with you?

All right.

– Okay, I was looking for Bigfoot,

but I actually found this guy named Dave.

You came all the way from
England to come to Primal Eats?

– I did, yeah, yeah.

I always see like American
barbecue and brisket and things

on like Netflix and things like that.

I’ve always wanted to taste it.

I happened to be here
on holiday in Wisconsin,

and I got told that Primal
Eats is the place to come.

So I’m here for brisket.

– Let’s do it, he’s here for brisket.

I am currently with the
owners, Scott and Sally Follet,

who had a dream and made
Primal Eats come true.

Thanks for having us here.

Can you tell us a little back history

of how you started this?

– Welcome.

In 1990, Sally and I bought
this Christmas tree farm,

they raised Christmas trees.

As a kid we used to play baseball
behind the bar over here.

And we wanted this to be
a place where our kids

could develop work ethic.

As it grew into raising horses,

we decided, what can we create here

that everything we produce is local.

See at that time many businesses were

shipping their products to
Europe, to China, to Korea,

we wanted everything
we produce to be local,

all of our customers
to be from outta state.

So we started to raise the biggest

white-tailed deer we could.

We brought in big bucks
from all over the Midwest.

And then we acquired a couple
thousand acres behind us.

We set up 1,500 acres
of high fence hunting.

And then we built a
lodge and a restaurant.

People from all over the
United States come in.

So 90% of our business
was from outta state.

100% of everything we’ve produced,

people that we hired was local,

so we wanted it to
stimulate the local economy.

– And, Sally, you said
you have this business

with your four children.

Can you tell me a little bit

about them and how this
family dream came together

and what you guys stand for now?

– Sure.

So we homeschooled our
kids for about 20 years.

And we moved kinda back and forth

between Wisconsin and Texas.

And when we were in Texas visiting

all the great barbecue places,

you know, we kinda looked at it and went,

wouldn’t that be fun, we love barbecue.

Don’t you think the people of
Wisconsin would like it too?

And so we got our heads together
during the COVID picnic,

and we just said, should we do it?

And so we made that decision
in January, and we opened.

– 1st of May.

– Yes, the 1st of May that same year.

And so here we are, it has
grown into something awesome.

And it’s really been a pleasure
to serve other families.

We’ve been so enjoying
just meeting our community

and having a place right here

in the lakes area for the whole community

to come out and have fun with each other.

– I can feel the family love here,

that everyone that works here,

even if it’s friends, become as family.

So thank you for bringing this new idea,

but that old family tradition of love.

I can see the joy in your guys’ faces.

Another awesome thing about
Primal Eats is they have

this new pour beer dispenser thing.

You can put your card in and try

all these samples of all these beers,

some local, I see Stubborn Brothers here.

After you’re done eating,

besides having a beer you
can also have ice cream,

which is kind of a little tradition here.

$2 for Sam’s house.

And I’d like a cone, please.

– Well, certainly, thank you.

– I’m here for the main event now.

I have this taster platter
of pulled pork, brisket,

sausage, beans, cornbread, potatoes,

coleslaw, mac and cheese.

Is this Primal Eats heaven?

Let’s go.


The meat was outta this
world, still in my teeth.

But now famous mac and cheese.


That’s cheesy and delicious.

We had such a fun and delicious
evening here at Primal Eats.

And I guess I found Bigfoot!

This is Jaime Lee signing
off for Shawano News.

Keep living and loving in the 54166.

(upbeat pop music)

Potatoes, beans, mac and cheese.


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